VAVAN - "Happiness is near" #невопрос

Premiere of the music video of the performer VAVAN


Clip for the new single of the hero of the series "REAL PAZANS" Vladimir Selivanov aka VAVAN. The team SHANDESIGN.PRO developed a concept and script, produced a video.

made | clip to the song "Happiness is near" #невопрос, performer VAVAN


actors | Vladimir Selivanov, Andrei Vasiliev, Viktor Stepanyan, Philip Gurevich, Alexei Polyakov

general producer and director | Sergey Shanovich

director | Anastasia Sovashchenko

second director | Tatyana Filimonova

creative producer | Tatyana Filimonova

executive producer | Anastasia Sovashchenko

operator | Evgeny Kozlov

project manager | Svetlana Filippova

editing director | Anastasia Sovashchenko


by order | Agency "AI-COM"

production | © 2017


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