SHANDESIGN studio developed the rebranding and full package of broadcasting design for the first national satellite channel of Kazakhstan Republic – KAZAKH TV. All work was done in short period. Developing included: channel’s creative concept, developing of the unique font and color pallet, logo design, broadcasting graphics, series of channel IDs and promo.

Abouth teh Project

First national satellite channel of Kazakhstan Republic – KAZAKH TV – was created by merging together «Kazakh TV» and «Bilim jene Maleniyet» (Knowledge and Culture) channels. Channel is broadcasting 24/7 on, Kazakhy Russian and English. Broadcasting spreads on 118 countries with potential 5.1 billion viewers.

The main idea of the new style of the channel is that it become a window to wonderful, bright and original world of Kazakhstan.


Rebranding and broadcast design for TKazakh TV channel

Production | Shandesignpro © 2016

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«Feel the Power» promo is all about the drive, energy and emotion of modern Kazakhstan. Unstoppable kaleidoscope of prominent imagery: historical monuments, handicrafts, music, ancient and moder architecture, art, family traditions, education, manufacture, science, everyday life, national food, national holidays, recreation, sport and many more that make this country unique.

Production | Shandesignpro © 2016


New logo of Kazakh TV was a part of global channel rebranding. Studio had to complete an uneasy task – create a logo which would have global characteristics and at the same time stayed domestic, national. We called the concept «glocal» (global + local).

It was a real challenge for the team to find that balance between national authenticity and cosmopolitanism. There are several main symbols representing modern Kazakhstan – dynamically evolving country with its own history – side view of a golden eagle, sign stylized to ancient runic letters and corporate colors. Three lines in logo refers to implication to «Khabar» holding – one of the biggest media holdings in the region.

Production | Shandesignpro © 2016

Promo style

One of the goals of the studio was to show modern Kazakhstan with all it’s inimitable national colour.

The main element of the style is the side view of a golden eagle. By multiplying and scaling its different parts (face side, dynamic lines) we showed how the logo of KAZAKH TV could work. We use this elements in broadcasting design also. And in the series of IDs, promos and in main intro.

Main title intro

Done | main title channel intro. Kazakh language. Title - "Menin aelim".

Production | Shandesignpro © 2016

TV Show "Emphasises of the day" intro

Done | Tv show intro. Kazakh language. Title "Kun aynasy".


Production | Shandesignpro © 2016


ID of Kazakh TV channel.

Key messege - Kazakhstan. Nearing the future


Production | Shandesignpro © 2016

Coming soon intro

Production | Shandesignpro © 2016


ID of Kazakh TV channel.

Key messege - Infinite descovery

Production | Shandesignpro © 2016


ID of Kazakh TV channel.

Key messege - Stronger together

Production | Shandesignpro © 2016


ID of Kazakh TV channel

Key messege - In the history flow

Production | Shandesignpro © 2016


ID of Kazakh TV channel

Key messege - All the sides of inspiration

Production | Shandesignpro © 2016


ID of Kazakh TV channel

Key messege - Heritage of the great steppe

Production | Shandesignpro © 2016

Production team

Director and general producer | Sergey Shanovich

Art director | Maxim Pomerantsev, Eugeniy Mamontov

Executive producers | Ol’ga Red’ko,

Cameramen | Stanislav Sharkov, Aleksey Knyazev, Tibo Wallotton, Andrew Boulter, Yuriy Shkrebiy, Valentin Finaev, Alexey Lukin, Sergey Yazvinkiy, Arthur Sariady

Creative producers | Tatiana Fillimonova, Adel Frolova

Graphic design | Ekaterina Volkova, Alexandr Buldakov, Elena Mel’nik

CG Supervisor | Aslan Zubayrayev

Motion Design | Andrey Makligin, Ilya Korolev, Alexey Krokhin, Maxim Doronin

Editing | Dmitriy Bogomolov, Yaroslav Yakin, Georgiy Virabyan, Dmitriy Gagarin, Eugeniy Fominikh

Original music by | “Arkaim”

Music version in the promo | Nadejda Novosadovich

Sound Design | Stanislav Paushev

Composer | Nikolay Vasil’ev

Postproduction manager | Konstantin Guryanov


Production | Shandesignpro © 2016

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