TV, film, advertising. Branding, creative, production.


TV, film, advertising. Branding, creative, production.

«Everything in media industry is created collectively. You may have a thousand ingenious ideas, but if you have no team to bring them to life, you will achieve nothing. All our projects turned out successfully thanks to our team.

In the army there are active units that have a lot of soldiers and technique, and there are Special Forces – a group of selected specialists that can shoot from any gun, drive any car, fly any plane and jump with a parachute. They are universal soldiers. We are the Special Forces. We come and save»

(с) Sergey Shanovich, general producer and founder of SHANDESIGN Studio 


We are designers, artists, directors, script writers, cameramen, producers, and managers. We are professionals and creators. We are a team of like-minded specialists ready to find an out-of-the-box approach to any creative or organizational task.


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