The new logo for the group of companies "Samson" (pharmacies "Samson-pharma" and etc)



Putting aside irrelevant. Neat sign - the name.

Technics | lettering based on calligraphy

Meaning | the name is transforming into original sign of quality, facsimile 

Character | manmade, personified - the man is the main focus, his name, which serves as a guarantee of quality of everything the company does

Key message | "Everything that is made by the company is for people. This is our mission. And it joins all the spheres"

Customer | the company "Samson" is on the market since 1993 

Chain of pharmacies "Samson-Pharma"

Flower shop "Samson-bouquet"

Medical centre "Samson - Med"

Guinea fowl farming in Kaluzhskaya region

La Ferme Cafe



About project

done | logo development and implementation

creative producer | Sergey Shanovich

art-director | Roman Shchyukin

work team | Daria Ufaeva, Aleksandr Buldakov, Anna Butova, Maksim Pomerantsev

executive producer | Olga Redko

production | Shandesign © 2016

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